Abrupt Encounters/Orientation at the Changing Room

Abrupt Encounters/Orientation at the Changing Room finished on a high note with music by Project Moonbase. DJ Bongo Boy explored the ‘historic sounds of the future’, spinning his wheels of steel. Ailie Rutherford and Abrupt Encounters artists researched the bizarre body of evidence that suggests plants have an ability to predict events, anticipate the future and transmit knowledge. Beverley Hood, presented her digital dance project ‘Glitching’ as part of Abrupt Encounters Changing Room residency.
Very much looking forward to all this years proposed collaborations, with Rachel Mimiec, Maria McCavana, Beverley Hood, Ailie rutherford and Emma Bowen but particularly with Kat Wilson and Claire Docherty, my very brilliant Abrupt Encounters co-workers!

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