Staring at the Ceiling Looking at the Stars – audio

Field and voice recordings made in and around the grounds of Bellsdyke Hospital, combined with the sounds of the area’s forgotten industries.

davypaxman resizePattern maker, carter, mill worker,  telegraph lines man, law clerk, ploughman, pedlar, boot maker, baker, drover, seaman, explosives worker, railway gate keeper, gardener, brass founder, quarry man, art student, clock maker, dress maker, drapers assistant, drainer, shoe maker, painter, teacher, servant, riveter, print field worker, joiner, postman, plasterer, shepherd, money lender, deck hand on steamer, outdoor worker, waitress, watch maker, domestic servant, seamstress, housemaid, lock keeper, lock keeper’s daughter, sack machinist, tailoress, knitter, insurance agent, ship master, ships slater, coal salesman, labourer, plumber, fitter, shop keeper, shepherd, chip potato vendor, retired missionary, county servant, ferry man, riddle maker, black smith, steamship stoker, dealer, lamp lighter, clerk of court, vagrant, without means of subsistence, masons labourer, druggist, valet, dyer, factory girl, brick work manager, bottler, butler, brick work manager, travels the country selling tea, excise officer, publican, florist, laundry maid, hammer man, warper, landscape gardener, horse breaker, shale miner, oil merchant, potter, cashier, mercantile clerk, iron dresser, no occupation, underground worker, medical student, handloom weaver, lodge keepers daughter, bleacher, spirit merchant, rope worker, boat yard plater, Sea Captain, grocer, galvanizer, tea and general hawker, grate fitter, flesher, power loom worker, farmers wife, commercial traveller, no regular work, wheeler( journeyman), railway surface man, chimney sweep, local agent, saleswoman,  no fixed occupation, ex-soldier, spirit shop salesman

portrait strip_331_for web_edited-3