Bespoke wallpaper and wall vinyl for Stirling Community Hospital

Here are some images of bespoke wallpaper, created by Lindsay Perth and myself for Stirling Community Hospital’s children’s waiting areas, almost a year to the day since we presented our original ideas to staff and funders. It would be really interesting to look out some photos of the original space with it’s stained and tired striped walls, dark blue lino and horrid ceiling tiles.

It’s been great receiving reports from staff and visitors say that they are delighted by the transformation of theses spaces.

All motifs are based on the forested Scottish landscape, using tree species commonly regarded as native to Scotland, such as Scots Pine, Rowan, Silver Birch… and I think there’s a Ceder that crept into the mix! We tried to use colour to create more a calmer ambience in the CHAMS waiting area. which is reserved for teenagers and stronger, brighter colours, such a sunny yellows, pinks and baby blues in the area used by younger families.

We selected pristine white lino which really lifts the spaces and added light cut vinyl to glass.

All photography by Lindsay Perth