Abrupt Encounters







Abrupt Encounters Development Artist 2012- 2013

Abrupt Encounters is a new live arts programme developed by a collective of creatively engaged participants with learning disabilities predominantly from Central Scotland and other mainstream participants who become involved throughout the programme, supported by creative practitioners with a range of art form backgrounds.

The programme will evolve first in a lifetime opportunities for adults with learning to create live arts events in public spaces as inclusive companies of participating practitioners.

Participating artists will, development artists, form inclusive units, which will, as unified groups, develop the content of the live art events.

An Abrupt Encounter will be a collaboratively devised moment, presentation or performance, temporal in nature and exploring the relationship of the company/s to public spaces and environments, whether it is to the rich halls of Stirling Castle, the minimalist contemporary corridors of Forth Valley Royal Hospital, or even responding to the movement of people through a train station.

The company/s will devise site specific work in collaboration with the users of these spaces either directly to create work in collaboration, or through interactions which take place during the events themselves.