The Cut of Your Jib: the Society of Scottish Artists at Rosalux

Opening Reception: Friday May 15, 7-10pm

The Cut of Your Jib: Scottish Artists at Rosalux
Rosalux Gallery
1400 Van Buren Street NE, Minneapolis MN 55413
May 15th, 7-10pm Opening Reception

Special Event: Friday May 15th, 6-7pm (during the reception)-“Bus Party creative ventures in the civic arts and participatory democracy. Film screening and artists talk with artist Carolyn Scott and scholar Will Storrar. Free and open to the public.

Exhibition runs: May 9-31st 2015

Exhibiting artists:Katherine Aarrestad, Elaine Allison, Alan Bond, Tessa Clowney, Jana Emburey, David Forster, Lorna Fraser, Louise Fraser, Thomas MacGregor, Gillian Mcfarland, Mary Morrison, Laura Mulle, Gayle Nelson, Sharon Quigley, Lorraine Robson, Aine Scannel, Carolyn Scott, Jenny Smith, Mark Tough, Liam Walker.

The Cut of your Jib is a sea faring term, which dates back to the golden age of sailing when sailors on deck were advised to note the cut of the jib of an approaching ship in order to help identify friend or foe.

The works in this exhibition have been selected from the annual exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh Scotland and marks the first of what Rosalux hopes might be many more curatorial exchanges between artists groups across the globe. The Scottish Society of Artists has been an artist-led membership organization since 1891 with goals that include empowering artists through becoming part of an artist-led organization and facilitating artistic exchange and communication with international artists and artist groups.

In this exhibition the works of twenty selected artists showcase some of the rich diversity of approaches to art and art making in Scotland today. It features painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation works. Much of the work can be understood directly in relation to place as it reflects on aspects of the particular physical or political landscape inhabited by the artist.
Image: Carolyn Scott