Children’s Space

Children’s Space aims to create a welcoming environment for young patients at NHS Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Visual interventions have been developed in a creative collaboration between visual artist Sharon Quigley and designer Andrew McGregor. Imagery has been conceived through consultation and co-participatory projects with staff, patients and families on the Children’s Ward at Forth Valley Royal.

Over the next two weeks, corridors, waiting areas, windows, bulk heads and treatment rooms, in Post Operative Care, A&E, the Children’s Ward and the Paediatric Treatment and Assessment unit, will be transformed with colourful imagery, drawn directly from the environment surrounding the hospital, alluding to both growth and renewal. These artworks will be accompanied throughout by brightly coloured Audio Bird Boxes and Kaleidoscopic Bird Boxes.


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Children's Space

Children's Space

Children’s ward entrance and audio bird box

Children's Space

Bubbles and Clouds for A&E and Assessment and Treatment Unit

Children's SpaceClouds floating on the way to theatre

Children's SpaceEgg hunt and bird spotting on the way the way to theatre

Childrens Space

Flocking birds lead to Children’s Ward and Assessment Unit

Children's SpaceA little nest in A&E treatment room

Children's SpaceThe Words of Birds in the Children’s ward waiting area

Childrens Space

Fluffy clouds and ripples in the Children’s ward waiting area

Childrens SpaceA little wren sings on the way to theatre

Corridor graphics Children's SpaceLittle birds are nesting in the Children’s Ward corridor

Nursing Stations Children's WardSpeech bubbles and clouds for the Nurses stations

Window vinyl's and Bird box Children's Space

Children's SpaceRipples in the Children’s Ward waiting area and a kaleidoscopic bird box.

Bulkheads Children's Spacegpa2 6
Egg Hunt and bird spotting on the way to theatre